UK Atomic Energy Authority

  • Culham, Abingdon OX14, UK
Apr 01, 2023
UK Atomic Energy Authority Culham, Abingdon OX14, UK
Job Description This is an excellent opportunity for enthusiastic and experienced mechanical design engineers to join the diverse and growing team in the Remote Applications in Challenging Environments (RACE) business unit. RACE specialises in developing remote handling and automated systems for environments in which it is difficult for people to conduct their work safely. This includes high radiation, extreme temperatures, limited access, and operation in vacuum and magnetic fields.  As part of the global programme for fusion, RACE is developing remote handling systems for the next generations of power stations. RACE is responsible for the equipment used to maintain and implement enhancements of the JET Tokamak. It actively designs and develops remote maintenance systems used in ITER and DEMO fusion reactors.  Beyond fusion, RACE is at the centre of the UK effort to apply novel technologies to all challenging and harsh environments to protect people and advance industry. RACE...