About us


iED is the Institution of Engineering Designers. 

Membership of the IED is open to all who work in, study, manage, research, teach or practice design. Membership is welcomed at all grades of academic study and levels of expertise. The purpose of the IED is to support our members to achieve their career goals by mentoring and guiding designers to the appropriate grade of professional registration.

The first step to achieving this professional registration and to give your career prospects an instant boost is to complete our simple application form.


Syon Media are a multi-media publishing company that provides the Jobs site and staffing for IGEM.

Syon have been providing membership organisations with contract publishing services for over 20 years. They offer a complete range of services you would expect from a quality publisher. Subscription services, editorial teams, art and design experts, distribution specialists, postal and newstrade delivery and app development are just a few of the services Syon provide for membership organisations.

Why not visit them on www.syonmedia.com